The Upcoach Podcast with Todd Herman

Join us for a dynamic chat with the exceptional leader for entrepreneurs, Shawn Shepheard. We traverse his fruitful career in the coaching sphere, focusing on his unique mission to assist family-owned business owners and their leadership teams in attaining the next level of growth without the burnout of working around the clock. We also unpack a revolutionary concept: the power of congregating your best clients in the same room. Shawn regales us with his experiences of his first virtual event and the profound impact of connecting with clients through technology.

The Coffee Break Podcast with Mike Maloney

Check out Episode 81 of the ABC & GCI Coffee Break Podcast with Allison Jackson, Keyla Rodriguez-Santiago, and Mike Maloney brought to you by Plumb House; joined by Shawn Shepheard, keynote speaker, author, coach and consultant to some of the most courageous people in the business. Shawn gives us 3 things business owners can do to be successful and a tip on something they can do today that will help their business grow. Allison is still on vacation so Keyla and Mike talk about the 19-foot-long python found in Florida, we answer a listener’s question via the “Mailbag” and we talk about how the GCI students can register for classes that begin in September. We talk about chapter news, events, and member anniversaries. We are proud to have Pro-Par Cleaning Services on board as the sponsor for the “Lightning Round”.

Are you asking the RIGHT questions? with Entrepreneurs United

Shawn Shepheard (Business Growth Coach & Keynote Speaker, The Leadership Advantage) is an executive coach, business strategist and keynote speaker. Shawn helps great leaders become exceptional, on their terms. Shawn has a long track record of being the secret weapon for executives and business owners. He has worked with entrepreneurs across North America, and for global companies including LinkedIn, Verizon, Johnson & Johnson, Javelin, Allstate, Kaloutas, Tim Hortons, Kraft Foods, Cassidy Paving, and the YMCA. Many of his clients think of him as their private Sherpa—in their corner and helping them reach new heights. His unique ability is using his raw honesty combined with his sense of humor and adventure to help people reignite the dream vision they’ve always wanted, and provide clarity that gets them excited and moves them into immediate positive action where they’ll become even bigger stars than they already are.

Growth Think Tank with Gene Hammett

Struggling with the cycle of overwhelm? Join us as we delve into strategies for breaking the cycle of overwhelm and leading with intention. In this insightful episode, we explore the transformative power of intentional leadership in creating a balanced and thriving work environment. Today’s guest is Shawn Shepheard, A Coach, Keynote Speaker, and founder of Shawn Shepheard Int. In this episode, Shawn shares practical insights and actionable steps to help leaders navigate the cycle of overwhelm and foster a culture of mindfulness and productivity. Discover how intentional leadership can empower teams to overcome burnout, boost morale, and enhance overall performance. Explore real-world examples and expert advice on implementing intentional leadership practices that prioritize well-being, promote effective communication, and drive sustainable growth. Tune in to learn how leaders can foster a culture of intentionality that not only enhances employee satisfaction but also drives long-term organizational success.